Just some of the Benefits!

  • Save – Time – Money – Energy
  • Eliminate the need for tumble dryer
  • Hang out clothes even when raining
  • Make use of your outdoor space
  • Permanent structures; no need for replacement parts
  • Installation included in price

Eco Friendly

Today Clothesline Canopy just sold our fourth (yes that’s right) FOURTH Clothesline Canopy to a loyal customer!

Joan from Macroom in County Cork just bought her fourth (and final!) Clothesline Canopy for her daughter, having previously already purchased two others for her two other children!

As a housewarming present, Joan has gifted all three of her children a Canopy, having first purchased her very own nearly TWENTY years ago! Nearly two decades on and her own Clothesline Canopy is still in perfect nick!

Impressed by the longevity and efficiency of the canopy, Joan decided Katie, Mikey, and Eimear should have their own Clothesline Canopies too!

Katie’s Clothesline Canopy was bought 9 years ago. Katie has since moved house and taken the canopy with her, reinstalling it in another house!

Mikey was then gifted a Clothesline Canopy 4 years ago in his Cork City home and loves it. 

Eimear is the last to leave the nest, but not without her own Clothesline Canopy too! Her's was only installed yesterday and she already loves it!

Joan said she was happy to buy the clothesline canopies for her children as they are a great investment and stand the test of time. Joan is also a big supporter of shopping locally and is delighted to give the business to a Kerry company!

Clothesline Canopy were delighted to partner with writer Stefanie Preissner and gift her a clothesline for her new home!


Based in Dublin, Stefanie and her young family moved into a stunning new house with a new garden, making it the perfect blank canvas to put their own stamp on.


Stefanie opted to place her canopy on the side of her house, which she nicknames “Memory Alley”!


Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, she chose the 12ft Clothesline Canopy as the ideal solution for her laundry needs. Additionally, she worked with the Clothesline Canopy team to tailor the length to precisely 3ft 6 inches, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into her side alley. This customization ensures that every inch of available space is utilised efficiently.


The Clothesline Canopy came at just the right time for Stefanie as the summer storms have returned in full force! With its sturdy construction and waterproof fabric, the canopy offers a reliable shield against sudden showers and damp conditions. 


A functional and well-designed outdoor space is a valuable asset for any homeowner. With the Clothesline Canopy in place, Stefanie now has a designated area for drying laundry that doesn't interfere with other outdoor activities. By utilising the side alley, she maximises her available space, leaving the main areas of her backyard free for leisure and entertainment!

Clothesline Canopy are back with another fantastic collaboration with one of Ireland’s best known DIY Instagram influencers, Shauna O’Connor!

Known to her followers as @home.diy.diary, Shauna’s interactive social media focuses on all things home DIY, as well as tips and tricks to make family life just that little bit easier - enter Clothesline Canopy!

With a busy family of five, Shauna’s electricity bill was quickly totting up. Her tumble dryer was working overtime in an attempt to keep up with the loads of laundry produced by her active family’s lifestyle. 

Clothesline Canopy reached out to Shauna, offering a new way to do laundry! Beyond its basic functionality, Clothesline Canopy offers a range of benefits for homeowners like Shauna, looking to make the switch from electric dryers to a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative. 

As a big supporter of shopping local and buying Irish, Shauna was more than happy to collaborate with Clothesline Canopy. 

After an initial phone consultation, Shauna thought she didn’t have enough space for the 12ft clothesline she wanted, until Tadgh swooped in with an unexpected solution! 

Securing the clothesline to the side of her garage meant Shauna could fit a bigger canopy while still having easy access to her washing from her backdoor. 

Shauna said: “I am constantly doing laundry and always running out of space so I’ll be able to hang a lot of laundry here and I’ll even be able to hang it on a rainy day and maybe finally get to the bottom of a laundry basket now! It’s 100% worth it!.

As the weather gets hotter it is officially time to put away the warmer clothes and bring out the summer wardrobe 😎
Sometimes when clothes are stored away for a period of time they can get a musty smell. Here are our tips to prevent this:
⭐️ Put dryer sheets in with your clothes to capture any dampness.
⭐️ Use wardrobe fresheners to keep clothes smelling gorgeous. You can buy these or make diy ones yourself. We recommend pouches of dried lavender.
⭐️ Store your clothing in a cool, dry, dark location.
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