Just some of the Benefits!

  • Save – Time – Money – Energy
  • Eliminate the need for tumble dryer
  • Hang out clothes even when raining
  • Make use of your outdoor space
  • Permanent structures; no need for replacement parts
  • Installation included in price

Eco Friendly

Bye bye Christmas, Hello 2020!
So it's time to wash all the Christmas jumpers and say hello to 2020.
Lots of you have maybe made some new years resolutions to save money, more organised and kinder to the environment. Well every little helps and small changes add up. By choosing to dry your laundry outside in the fresh air you can do all that.
No more wasting money on the tumble dryer, no more wasting time checking on the weather and rain showers; no more clothes horse around the house. Our simple solution is worth the investment. That is what our customers say. Most wish they had bought their Clothesline Canopy sooner.
It comes in three sizes and is delivered free of charge ready for you to install all over Ireland.
For more information see our website https://www.clotheslinecanopy.com/clothesline-canopy

Fresh start 2020

So this year we have decided to go with 'Green Friday' instead of 'Black Friday'. We are taking the lead from Green Friday an initiative that promotes local and sustainable shopping.So this year we have decided to go with 'Green Friday' instead of 'Black Friday'. We are taking the lead from Green Friday an initiative that promotes local and sustainable shopping.We are joining forces with Green Angel Skincare and are giving away their renowned organic Seaweed Hand Cream plus their new White Linen Candle with all orders of Clothesline Canopies placed between now and Dec 8th. So there is no need to wait for "good drying" days, as you can use your all weather covered clothes line from Clothesline Canopy anytime.

- Eliminate Costly Tumble Dryer- Get Rid of Unsightly Clothes Horse- Eco-friendly

Drying laundry inside can be harmful to your health and can incur costly maintenance caused by damp and mould. Dry your washing naturally outside, no shrinkage or damage and safe from sudden downpours. You can order your flat pack covered clothesline online.  We deliver free of charge all around Ireland.

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By following #greenfridayireland, we encourage you to shop local and support Irish family run businesses likes Clothesline Canopy and Green Angel.
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Giveaway with all orders until Dec 8th 1

With the kids back to school now and school uniforms making up a large % of back to school costs, we want to share some tried and tested tips on caring for school uniforms to make them last longer .  We spoke to those in the know My Kids Time. 

Caring for school uniforms

All Change

My top tip on caring for school uniforms would be to get the kids to change as soon as they come home. Apart from being more comfortable, it avoids the possibility of spills at dinner, rips and tears from play and keeps school uniforms fresher for longer.

If they have after-school activities or play dates, simply pack a change of clothes and teach them to fold their school uniform neatly in the bag!


As soon as my kids come home on a Friday afternoon everything goes in the wash and out on the clothes line. There is nothing worse than a plaintive cry on Sunday evening bemoaning that fact that their school uniform is not clean or they forgot to add their PE gear to the wash. It is now second nature for my girls to gather all school uniform items and add the to the wash basket on Fridays.

Being in the West of Ireland does mean that we are often blessed with rain! Preferring to dry all my clothes outdoors, I have found the clothesline canopy a real lifesaver. Not only does drying clothes naturally give them a lovely fresh aroma, clothes keep their shape and become less worn than using alternative drying methods.

Common Sense : 

The following tips are really just common sense, but no harm reminding you of them.

  • Check the care labels on all items before you wash them. Some items like jumpers will require a cooler wash than cotton shirts.
  • Separate darks from whites, again this may seem obvious, and while it can be tempting to just throw everything in together, as the school year rolls on, you will notice the difference if you don’t separate.
  • Use the correct detergent too. Some have bleach and are suitable for lighter colours, some have built in fabric conditioner and others are best used on darker garments.
  • Wash anything with a school crest of embroidery inside out, this will help to keep them from catching or fraying.
  • And finally, check care labels for ironing. Not everything will be suitable for ironing and strong heat could damage delicate fabrics.

It will extend the life of your school uniforms if you take care when washing them.

Thanks to www.mykidstime.com

It's July 1st hopefully that means more time outside and with the Patio Canopy, it means you can spend even more time outdoors. We were delighted to have Mark Doe of Just Cooking Cookery School cater for our recent barbecue. Along with BBQ meats, he had a lovely Caesar salad to accompany it and we have the recipe below: 


 We held our first BBQ gathering of the year recently with family and friends and had a great time enjoying good food & sunshine. The Patio Canopy gives us an extra room outside that we can use from morning till night.

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